Urhobo Traditional Attires

The Urhobo people are an ethnic group in Nigeria, particularly in the Delta State. They have a rich culture and tradition, including unique traditional attire. The traditional attire of the Urhobo people consists of the following:

1. Wrapper: Both men and women wear a wrapper called “Akwa-Ocha” or “Akapo” made of traditional woven fabric. The wrapper is tied around the waist and reaches the ankles for men, while women can wrap it around their waist or chest.

2. Blouse: Women usually wear a blouse, known as “Bode” or “Amebo.” It is often made of vibrant, colorful fabrics and features intricate embroidery or beadwork.

3. Headgear: Men wear a headgear called “Akpara” or “Oku-ori,” which is tied in different styles using a traditional woven cloth. Women also wear headscarves or headgear, typically made of the same fabric as their wrappers.

4. Jewelry: The Urhobo people are known for their elaborate beadwork and jewelry. Women often adorn themselves with various beads, necklaces, bracelets, and earrings made of coral, glass beads, or brass.

5. Accessories: Both men and women use accessories such as walking sticks, staffs, hand fans, and umbrellas during special occasions or traditional gatherings. These accessories often have symbolic meanings and may be carved or decorated with traditional motifs.

The Urhobo traditional attire reflects their cultural heritage and is often worn during festivals, weddings, and other important ceremonies. The vibrant colors and intricate designs of their clothing showcase their artistic and creative traditions.

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